running through life...!

running through life...!

Friday, March 22, 2013



                                              As a child, we all fear dark places because we were told as children, that monsters are hiding in those dark places. As we grow up, the definition of monster changes and there are other things that we are afraid of- uncertainty, self doubt and the fear of failure. Instead of going away, our fears grow with us. These are the fears that forbid us from doing what we are supposed to do. The fear of rejection, fear of ending up being a just another person...and eventually melting into nothingness. Our actions are most of the times a result of our fears rather than mere acts of judgement. 
                                              How many times have we done  something because we really wanted to do it as in, unconditionally..? It rarely happens that we act upon something because we really believe in it. What will people say if i don't do this..? What will my friends say if I don't do this..?? I wont be accepted in my friend circle if I fail to do this...all these and many more such insecurities are the reason behind our actions. Its not entirely wrong, because that is what makes us a social animal. Our fears define us, our personality, and our decisions, which have a direct impact on our lives.
                                                When you look back, in the rear view mirror, you see so many tears, worries and sleepless nights caused by things that don't even matter anymore and you find yourself wondering- why did I waste so much time and energy fearing about all those trivial things. Thousands of things that you fret and worry about mend themselves....we always live in the fear, what if this happens..? Eventually...most of the does not happen, because life can be pleasantly unpredictable sometimes.

                                          When you look in the side mirror, a super fast car passes by and shakes you just for a moment...and it is way ahead before you even know it. The important thing here is to focus on the road ahead and not get distracted by such racing wheels, because life is indeed a journey to the destination unknown. Same is the case with people and their judgements about us....they come and are past tense before we can even think about them properly.

                                             All this said and done....If all of us are supposed to learn from our mistakes, why the hell am i not learning...?? And if TIME is supposed to heal everything, why am I not healing...??? Well maybe, as the famous dialogue from HOUSE goes- Time does not change anything...we have to do it.

                                           After all these years, when we are grown up, we are no more afraid of the dark...because eventually, we find ourselves alone in that dark, and the monsters are within us.


Vishal Bahuva said...

THis is classic 'nahi tar lok kaay mhantil' syndrome

lakshmi said...

We fall prey to that syndrome much too often I feel...thats why I wrote it....

Antariksh Bahekar said...

Where are you?