running through life...!

running through life...!

Monday, October 10, 2011

                                   The  Forbidden  Fruit

                            Have you ever wondered why doing things we are not supposed to do gives us so much pleasure? Visiting places we are not supposed to go, eating things we are not supposed to eat or talking to people we are not supposed to talk. All these things encompass a totally different world called the forbidden planet. It gives us this sadistic pleasure to break rules, to defy authority, to do something unusual, unthinkable, unimaginable. There is an adrenaline rush, everytime we do something that we  know shouldnt be done.
                             Maybe thats why Harry Potter's deadliest and most thrilling adventures took place in the Forbidden Forest. That is why drinking and driving is such a rage and most vehicles are parked in the no parking zone. Probably thats the exact reason why the initial part of relationships are so exciting and  memorable. Its like - You have a world of your own, which is out  of everyone's reach and people can just speculate and guess. Sneaking out of the house under the pretext of meeting friends, the lies about the extra classes, those awkward glances, eyefights, stolen kisses, hoping that nobody noticed.... Believe me, that High is by no means reproduceble by any amount of narcotics..!
                             The forbidden world takes a different meaning altogether in college life, especially when exams are sitting on your head. It is a time when everything else except studying is forbidden and that is exactly why we have a craving of doing everything other than studies. Living in a fantasy world, with hypothetical situations, unrealistic characters and daydreaming about the most pathetic of circumstances is a strict no-no , even without exams, let alone on the day of the exam. But yes, you guessed it right, I end up doing exactly that... (please, please someone tell me you also do that or else I'll die of shame...! ) I guess there is a heightened sense of mental awareness which makes us so vulnerable and think of all that stuff. Whatever it is....anyways, the point is, its not supposed to be done.
                                There is another side to all this forbidden funda... Agreed that it is fun to go against the rules, break laws and defy authorities but what if you yourself are the authority. How difficult or for that matter how easy is it, to give in to the temptations....? You see a beautiful dress in the shop... you know its perfect for you,its exactly what you wanted since ages.......but you cant afford it. You meet a random person in know he is not going to be there forever, he is not even compatible with you...he is someone else's boyfriend, he likes someone else, you know you are not supposed to fall in love..... but can we prevent it completely?? Even if we do control the temptation, the chances of living in regret of not buying that dress or not conveying your feelings to that person are pretty high.
                               People say that life is all about making the right choices at the right time. I say, its all about having that tad bit of extra self control and not giving in to such petty temptations that life will always bring our way. Believe me, it takes real strength of character to say no, and more so, to move on in life rather than sitting and brooding over the fact wondering whether you made the right coice or not. Because you know what, you will never know unless you move on and live life to the fullest. Life cannot be lived backwards...and this is a rule no one can defy... Do not sit and regret over those decisions, instead, be proud of yourself that you didnt give in to the temptations.....coz you know what, loads are coming your way... its your choice which ones to succumb to.
               Finally, as the tag line goes....... CHOOSE WISELY, LIVE WELL...!

                                                                                       Good luck folks,

                                                                                        Take care.