running through life...!

running through life...!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


                           This piece was long overdue, but such is life friends… It might not be wrong to say that I just got a glimpse of what my life is going to be for the next 3 years and believe me, I have a gut feeling its going to be a lot worse than that.
                            There are many questions in life which do not have a particular and accurate answer, which make you feel absolutely clean bowled, and you keep on wondering where did the ball come from and how the hell did it hit the wicket. Well, one of many such questions is the quintessential cliché , to which nobody until now has been able to answer appropriately-    How do you know you are in  LOVE ?
                            A lot of great people have not been able to come  to a conclusion as to what it really is, so I am not even going to try.  In fact, the last time someone asked me that question, my answer was-
‘You know its love when all the songs make sense !’
                              Maybe its when someone’s presence is as essential as the air you breathe in or the food that you eat. Maybe when your hypothalamus just forgets to send you the much needed hunger signals because it is so clearly preoccupied in thinking about something else. Maybe its when you feel that the compliments of a thousand people are worthless until you get that one nod of appreciation from somebody.  But you know what, I think it is all these things and much more.
                                I am not a great believer in love at first sight. I know many people would beg to differ but according to me, the whole point of loving someone is to love yourself in the context of that person. You start looking at yourself differently. You suddenly come across that side of your personality which was hidden somewhere.  A side which is willing to take risks, willing to lose anything and everything for someone’s sake. For a sane person, it might seem absurd but its perfectly logical for a peson in love to confess to someone that ‘I cannot function without you. My life comes to a standstill without you.’ It takes immense courage to be able to say to a person that you are their only ray of hope for surviving in this ruthless game called life. And believe me people, you can never say that to a person whom you don’t trust or whom you don’t know.
                                    Howmuchever I think about it, I have never been able to understand how people love logically. Because as far as I know, where love is concerned, all practicality, rationality and logic goes out of the window. It is just pure impulse. No logic, no calculations. Love is definitely not their cup of tea for people who are caught up in their own egos, self respect and dignity. You just have to waive aside all these things for the time being to be able to really experience the purity of that emotion.
                                   I don’t know why people booze and do drugs. Fall in love instead….! Not necessarily with a person. Books, music, cricket, dancing, painting….Love something or someone….make it your passion, be obsessed about it. Believe me, it gives you such a high, which is incomparable to any drug on this earth. The timing is never right, you have to make it perfect.
                                 Hope you all find something or someone to love…
Best of luck…!!!                                 
                                          Hope to write soon again,
                                             Good bye, take care,

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Antariksh Bahekar said...

Dont worry your life's not going to be bad for next 3 years. its gonna be nice!!!!