running through life...!

running through life...!

Monday, July 25, 2011


                          After breaking my head over what I've written and after thinking about it for what seemed like an eternity, I am finally able to clear the mindblock and actually write something. I guess I'll be the first and the only person to contradict her own writing. Anyways... so, here we go...
                            I sincerely believe we are made by the people we meet in this beautiful journey of life. A lot of people have an intangible influence over our life, our decisions and our personality. Everybody lives. But what determines the quality of life we live, are the people surrounding us. Not neccesarily they have to be related to us or we have to be friends with them. Even a person as remote as the bus conductor we meet everyday or the person who sits next to you in class or your bookshop vendor who somehow remembers all your likes and dislikes in terms of literature, touch your life knowingly or unknowingly. There is great comfort in finding all the usual people in there usual places.
                             If this is the case with such apparently insignificant people then you can imagine the influence of people who are or were a part of your life by your own choice. Friends, girlfriends, boyfriens, ex, current and so on.... Invariably most of us have a bad memory or sadness surrounding that person when he/she leaves us. Howmuchever difficult it seems to maintain co-ordial relations with your 'so called' ex, believe me, its not  impossible. Ofcourse  the circumstances under which the seperation took place is most often the deciding factor but more often than not, there is always some awkwardness when life decides to cross our paths again. Why cant we just accept the simple fact that people evolve, relatinships evolve and we are bound to grow out of certain phases in our lives.
                             I have a firm belief that each and every person we meet in life has a definite purpose, whether he comes for a reason or a lifetime. We may not see it at the onset but when we think retrospectively, it all fits. Its like reinforcing the saying that- "whatever happens, happens for the good."
And like I had said the last time, its human nature to get used to this, to go into the comfort zone. The real problem starts  when we have to deal with the change, the seperation, the substitution. But agai, Life has to be lived dynamically. IF you manage to find  a person who is willing to evolve with you and stay with you for a lifetime, well then, nothing like it. You are certainly the world"s luckiest person !! But that doesnt mean you can underestimate the value of people who are temporarily a part of your life. Some people are lucky enough to convert the reason inti a LIFETIME.. :)
                                   Never ever fail to acknowledge the fact that life would not have been the same had you not met that person. For the fear of uncertain future, why spoil this beautiful present ? Its O.K to get addicted to someone once in a while. Bloody hell, deal with your addiction later. Live in the moment. Life is happening.... Right here... right now... Make the most of it.
                                     All that said and done, th best part of  humans - the uniqueness with which we all try to make a mark in this world is what sets us apart. Nobody and I mean absolutely nabody in our lives can be replaced. However cleche` it may sound but we truly dont understand the value of someone untill one fine day that person is not a part of our lives. And unfortunately, it is too late by the time we realise it. So, I guess it is a good idea to let someone know how much you value him/her in your life, how glad you are that your paths crossed, how quintessentially thankful you are to GOD for this creation of His, who made some part of your miserable life just a tad bit bearabe.
                                    Its O.K to lower your threshold just a bit and taste the sweet lure of addiction. After all, its your life and it rarely gives a second chance. So friends, grab it with both hands-- But do make sure that the person is worth it.

                                                                                            Thats all for now,
                                                                                             Hope to write again soon,
                                                                                             Have a nice day...!

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